Energetic Ruudt Peters by Kadri Mälk and Tanel Veenre

Ruudt Peters is a Dutch jeweller and sculptor. As a highly energetic person, we can find him everywhere. Teaching at Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, Konstfack in Stockholm, Alchemia in Florence. Travelling in China, India, Mexico, the Old and New World, finding new impulses for his ideas. However peculiar and extravagant his ideas are, he always manages to present them perfectly, convincingly. In November was he in Tallinn for a week long masterclass, invited by the Jewellery and Blacksmithing Department of Estonian Academy of Arts. It was an exceptionally emotional and intense week.

This Summer Susan Cummins visited Tallinn. She is a collector and former gallerist from San Francisco, and is currently Chair of the Board of AJF (Art Jewelry Forum).
From the talk with her a thought emerged that artists lack strategical thinking. You are really an exception, every few years you come up with an entirely new theme and series of works, always introduced by a book. Also there is the pre-planned exhibition tour and participating in fairs ... It really makes you one of the greatest strategists in the field of jewellery.

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Selfie Now

August 22nd-28th 2016 in Ravenstein/NL

A workshop by Ruudt Peters

Our society has rapidly been changing these last years, everyone is walking with a smart phone and is able to document everything that is happening minute by minute. This offers us the opportunity to create a huge data-bank of images of our selves, which can be used as inspiration for making art and art-jewellery. In SELFIE NOW we emphasize the awareness of your place as artist/jewelry-maker in the world. SELFIE NOW takes the position between your self and the world. Between the real and cyberspace.

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Coach Now


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